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Re: News story: Did We Get Dinosaurs' Noses Wrong?

Jordan Mallon wrote:

> I think I should point out here that the maxillary teeth of the _T. rex_
> known as "Stan" were so large that the so-called lips of the lower jaw would
> have had to have wrapped under and over the upper teeth - something
> fantastical, if you ask me.

I think Stan's dental situation isn't exactly the normative one for _T.rex_...as
has been hinted at before, the extruding teeth are most likely evidence of a
pathology. Regardless-yes, it seems they were without any kind of covering over
the teeth...(I tried to reflect that in one of my illustrations, and I'm going
to have to rework a lot of my older ones to line up with this...**rolls up

-Chris Srnka