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RE: coelophysoids

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> Michael Bruce Habib
> Does anyone know what the latest publication(s) regarding
> the phylogenetic position of the coelophysoids is (are)?

At *present* almost all recent publications of general theropod phylogenetic
analyses have Coelophysoidea as the sister taxon to Neoceratosauria within a
monophyletic Ceratosauria: the only real exception I can think of is a
relatively obscure Forster paper (in African Geology?  I'll see if I can
hunt up the reference) from a few years back which has coelophysoids outside
of a clade comprised of classic tetanurines and neoceratosaurs.

However, in a number of SVP and other presentations over the last few years,
the Carrano-Sampson team and Ollie Rauhut have presented evidence for a
phylogeny that runs essentially:
Herrerasauridae + (Coelophysoidea + (Ceratosauria proper [aka
"Neoceratosauria" in composition] + (Tetanurae)))

I have to admit that there is a LOT of merit to this tree (which actually is
pretty darn close to Bakker's 1986 family tree in the back of Dinosaur
Heresies!).  Come to my talk at SVP (12 noon on Friday) and get a glimpse of
how the status of coelophysoids pans out in my latest, greatest matrix.

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