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Re: The Eternal Question: Lips or Skin?

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:

> Mike Hanson (mhanson54@home.com) wrote:
> <Why do we need osteological evidence? We may never find it anyway.
> Although it may be good to find it. Sometimes we just need to think
> about what is practical. For now I say that dinosaurs HAD lips and
> that is what I will say, unless, we find (definate) contradicting
> evidence.>
>   We need osteological evidence because 1) it's what gets preserved,


> and 2) because without it, all else is speculation of the highest
> order, like Sereno's head for *Deltadromeus*, for which evidence is
> not foretelling....

_Deltadromeus_?? Explain.

>   I cannot see any way around this other than to suppose without
> evidence whatever image comes to mind, or the one practical reason
> which both Mike Hanson and Mark Hallett advocate.... Nothing
> osteological supposes that theropod or other un-cheeked dinosaurs
> possessed lips of any kind. Because the bones are all we have to go
> with here, barring the rare preservation of an impression, or
> carbonized traces, this is speculation.