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Re: semilunate carpal

In a message dated 8/8/01 4:58:31 PM EST, twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com writes:

<< BCF seems to be presupposing that all "bird-like" characters are observed 
in terrestrial theropods because they were passed on from birds to theropods. 
The prevailing view, on the other hand, is that birds inherited most of their 
defining characters from theropods, feathers included.  The latter 
interpretation has the advantage of having excellent corroboration from the 
fossil record.  BCF comes up a little short in this respect. >>

Leave us not talk about the fossil record when it comes to the ground-up 
theory! ALL the most birdlike theropods appear in the fossil record AFTER 
Archaeopteryx and cannot possibly be its ancestors. In BCF, this HAS to 
happen, because the birdlike theropods >descended from< the dino-birds. The 
fossil record, taken at face value, DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS ground-up/BADD. The 
cladistics requires EVERY KNOWN theropod to have a substantial ghost lineage 
to the point of its divergence from the dinosaur-to-birds lineage. And >I'm< 
the one accused of making up fairy-tale dino-birds? Where are the Triassic 
and Jurassic maniraptoran, Deinonychus-like theropods, if they were ancestral 
to Archaeopteryx-like birds? Not only is Archaeopteryx an advanced 
maniraptoran, it is also the EARLIEST ONE known, save perhaps for a few 
small, nondescript teeth of about the same age. FEH. Fossil record indeed.

Hey, am I getting close to my seven-email quota? Yike--this one right here is 
#7 for August 8, according to my Sent Mail file. See you all tomorrow.