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Re: Theropod motion abstracts

<To escape being handled, even one-day-old chicks exhibited the following
locomotor behavior: they jumped vertically, vigorously beat their
featherless forelimbs, and
surprisingly swung their hind limbs through an arc similar
to that used during over-ground running.>

This behavior is not necessarily a primitive response to a stimulus.  I was
standing quietly behind the senior secretary in my office and made an
observation about how to remove the ads from a web page before sending to
another person ('File', 'Save as...' [a text file--use the down arrow on the
second line to specify 'text'], and open the text file to edit out any
additional extraneous material).  Her response was consistent with that
described, though she added a piercing vocal component that brought 3 people
into the office.
Are you sure that the experiment was not contaminated by exposure to

I'm also surprised that there wasn't a direct response to the abstracts you
quoted.  Should chick behavior be considered indicative of the primitive