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Re: Zuniceratops


As Andy Farke has said in his post:
>In a recent article (cited below), Wolfe mentions that "a partial squamosal
>preserves the contact for the jugal" (this was after the other "squamosal"
>was re-identified). "This and other frill fragments suggest that the
>_Zuniceratops_ frill is likely to be relatively thin, fenestrate and
>probably without epoccipitals."

>Wolfe, D. G. 2000. New information on the skull of _Zuniceratops
>christopheri_, a neoceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous Moreno Hill
>Formation, New Mexico. pp. 93-94, in S. G. Lucas and A. B. Heckert, eds.
>Dinosaurs of New Mexico. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
>Bulletin No. 17.

If you would like, I can scan or fax the above cited reference to you.

I can say, that we have found numerous pieces of the frill as well as more
of the skull,
since the above referenced paper was written.

To quote HP Holtz, you'll just have to "wait for the paper".

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| Are any elements from the frill on Zuniceratops known? I know the
| turned out to be the illium of Nothronychus. WDRA dipicts the frill as
| long with large fenestra. But I was wondering, given its Phlogenetic
| position, that may be the frill was more like that of avaceratops, short
| solid. Are any fril elements of Turanoceratops known and that could be
| to infer the apperance of Zuni's frill?
| By the way, I found a picture of the partil Zuni Skull Here:
| http://faculty.purduenc.edu/rhengst/nmweb/dinos/skull50.jpg
| -Chris Collinson
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