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Re: Velociraptor v. Protoceratops?

>The Protoceratops was an old dried up and scavenged carcass that was half sticking out of the ground it had become mired in after a sand/water slide/flow event. Then
a second such event occurred. This happened to have swept up our hapless
Velociraptor. The poor animal was just clinging to the only solid object
it could while the current was pushing it downstream. <
The problem with that scenario is that the Protoceratops has a firm biting hold on the right wrist of the Velociraptor. I suppose the V's arm could have inadvertently been inserted into the open mouth of a dead P, but it seems unlikely since the jaws of the Protoceratops are closed tightly on the Velociraptor's wrist.  (The specimen and my as yet unfinished sculpture of it) can be seen at: http://geocities.com/presumpscot/mytrex.html)  Another interpretation mentioned in one of the papers (I don't have the reference handy) was that the fight took place in a burrow which collapsed on the combatants and that part of the carcass of the Protoceratops was scavenged after death.  The Protoceratops specimen, as you mention, is missing both front legs (and the left hind leg).  The left scapula is rotated dorsally so it lays above the backbone and projects upward at a steep angle---something you would expect to see if the limbs were pulled off the body.