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RE: Velociraptor v. Protoceratops?

Are you suggesting natural causes? I can see it now, the Velociraptor,
upset by the death and scavenging of his pet Protoceratops, grief stricken, has a heart attack and dies trying to get it to play just one more time......<
Of course, its all clear now! ;)

Seriously, though, I am always fascinated when a skeleton is so complete and well preserved, in articulation, but is missing a leg or arm or something. Even more bizarre to me is when they are missing a
section of tail vertebrae or back vertebrae. Other than erosion and
scavenging, what causes this to happen?<
Ah hah! This is part of the reason for my stuff with modern taphonomy here on the forest. It is interesting, indeed. One ancedote from my time up here, which has some bearing on this subject.
I came upon a dead calf, entirely articulated, curled slightly to the right, in a streambed. It was missing only the head and both forelimbs. However, both forelimbs were located 3 meters further upstream, on the bank! So, its possible, I think, that during deposition or transport of this specimen, the limbs may have been removed by transpotration. You may say, "But everything on the _Velociraptor_ is together," or something to that effect. But if there is connective tissue present, why wouldn't it still stay together. All I can do is point to the calf, and note that everything else was perfectly in articulation, and there was still a _lot_ of connective tissue present.

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