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Re: Velociraptor v. Protoceratops?

Tom Holtz wrote:
<<  The two guys were actively fighting, and the Protoceratops dies first from
its wounds, trapping the Velociraptor underneath the body.  They are buried
later, but not before the Proto. is scavenged. >

This is my favorite scenario, based on my having seen the fossil. They done 
for each other!

Whatever happened to the sand storm concept? Why all the floods and slumping 
dunes? The sandstone matrix is similar that of the nesting oviraptors. Man, 
these critters were STOOPID if they couldn't keep away from dangerous dune 
slopes while nesting etc. The matrix was so featureless that I still vote for 
sandstorm, which was the original suggestion of the authors, later concepts 
like slumps notwithstanding.
Another note -- the "vertical" position of proto vs the "horizontal" position 
of velo. To my eye, velo is flat on his side (okay, horizontal) but proto is 
flat on his belly. So--is that vertical? New translation from Russian 
requested, please. Perhaps the original paper said "upright," which would 
make sense if we mean "on all fours," not on its side, not on its nose or 
tail. to me, it looked to be flat on its belly. That means the two critters 
were on a flat substrate together, velo on its side, proto on its belly. Then 
came the sandstorm, before, after or during their mutual expiration (probably 
after). Then along comes a hungry varanid, digging in the sand, and voila!-- 
armless proto. Then came more sand. Then, much later, came humans with funny 
little excavating tools and wild ideas.

Thomas P. Hopp
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