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Re: Titanosaur skull--found it!

NJPharris@aol.com wrote:

> Hono(u)red Persons--
> I goofed.  The picture of the Chubut titanosaur skull isn't online
> after all.
>  It's on page 130 of the December, 1997, issue of _National
> Geographic_.
> It looks to me like the skulls of _Giraffatitan_, the Chubut
> titanosaur,
> _Nemegtosaurus_, and _Rapetosaurus_ form rather a nice morphological
> (if not
> strictly phylogenetic) series.  The antorbital fenestra is even quite
> large
> in _Nemegtosaurus_ compared with _Giraffatitan_ or the Chubut
> titanosaur,
> though not nearly so expanded as in _Rapetosaurus_.
> --Nick P.

A plea to all:
Can we PLEASE refrain from discussing this skull as of yet?  This has
not yet been officially described in the literature.  However, I know
that this description is pending and it would be really nice if no
attention were drawn to it right now....


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