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Ornitholeste & buds... (was RE: semilunate carpal)

> From: Tim Williams [mailto:twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com]
> Tom Holtz wrote:
> > > Has _Proceratosaurus_ ever been considered a maniraptor?
> >
> >In at least some of the most parsimonious trees in my Ostrom Symposium
> >paper, a Proceratosaurus-Ornitholestes clade comes out within
> Maniraptora.
> I'm guessing this is using Gauthier's definition of Maniraptora
> (= all taxa
> closer to Neornithes than to _Ornithomimus_), and followed by
> Holtz (1996),
> rather than Sereno's newer definition (= all descendants of the
> most recent
> common ancestor of _Oviraptor_ and Neornithes).

It used the correct definition, yes. :-)

> I don't want to sound cheeky, but does this analysis take into
> account the
> exclusion of the referred manus (AMNH 587) from _Ornitholestes_?
Damn straight it did (as does the Gaia matrix, from which the Ostrom
Symposium matrix was derived).

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