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Sorry if this is a bit late, but hey, I just moved cross-country and have not
had the time nor resources to respond to any dino-list emails lately.

Marcel Bertolucci wrote:

And, by the way, what is the difference between _Huayangosaurus_ and
_Kentrosaurus_, because I think they're in someway simillar to each other,
or its just a 'dream' of mine?

There are quite a few differences between Kentrosaurus and Huayangosaurus,
for instance:

-Kentrosaurus, like all stegosaurians except Huayangosaurus has a portion of
the illium that is dorsal to the acetabulum, or is slightly caudodorsal to
the acetabulum

-Kentrosaurus appears to have rather unremarkable cheek teeth with less than
10 denticles, whereas Huayangosaurus, like most stegosaurians appears to have
very tall cheek teeth with more than 15 denticles and a fairly prominent
ridge formed from the apical denticle

-Huayangosaurus has rather long forelimbs and Kentrosaurus (like most other
stegosaurians) doesn't

-The illial acetabula in Huayangosaurus is rather long and thin
craniocaudally (as seen in ventral view), and in Kentrosaurus (as in most
other stegosaurians) it's quite a bit wider

-Kentrosaurus is from the Latest Jurassic of eastern Africa and
Huayangosaurus is from the early Late Jurassic of southern China

So ya.... you might be getting the picture that Huayangosaurus is the sister
group to all other known stegosaurians.... which is true :-)

Pete Buchholz