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Re: Another FAQ

From: Mike Taylor <mike@tecc.co.uk>

> Just how similar are related dinosaurs?  Obviously this is a
> very vague question, but here's an example: if we could see
> them in the flesh, might a Tyrannosaurs rex and a Gorgosaurus
> libratus look sort of as similar to each other as a lion and a
> tiger do?  (...)

The discussion is on the list, so I go on.

First I'll take the example of two extant mammals: _Martes martes_ and
_Martes foina_.
Those carnivores are very near species, but the colour is a bit different
and their lifestyle is not the same: the first one may live in houses, the
second stays in the forests...
Is it possible to recognise those 2 species only with the skeleton?

Now back to dinosaurs. I'll take another example than tyrannosaurs.

Let's take _Hypsilophodon foxii_. A well-known little ornithischian.
Who could say that, in reality, there were not in EK 2 or 3 species with
different colours and different behaviour, but strongly apparented so that
(IMHO) we can't recognise them today with the only remains we got: bones?

IMHO again, we'll never know... So let's keep _Hypsilophodon foxii_!

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.