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To Fred Bervoets

Hi Fred.  I had to send this to the list because when I try to send it
directly to you, it gets rejected and comes back.  Perhaps you have a
different address I could send it to?  This is also why your previous
message went unanswered.  Sorry to you for that, and to the rest of the list
for an extra message in their inbox.

You wrote-

> I guess this is a typo: The former is a primitive character also seen in
> Lesothosaurus, Bugenasaura and Lesothosaurus
> Also I do not have anything on _Tenontosaurus dossi_ and _Tenontosaurus
> tilletorum_ can you provide me with some more info on this two?

Doh!  Yes, that's a typo.  Regarding T. tillettorum, I researched a bit and
found out that Olshevsky's emendation from T. tilletti to T. tillettorum was
declared unjustified.  So, it should be T. tilletti.  That's what I get for
not working with ornithopods more.  Here's what I have in my files-

Tenontosaurus Ostrom 1970
= “Tenantosaurus” Brown vide Chure and McIntosh 1989
T. tilletti Ostrom 1970
Aptian-Albian, Early Cretaceous
Cloverly Formation, Montana, US
Holotype- (AMNH 304) partial skeleton lacking skull, cervical series and
Paratypes- (YPM 5456) skull, partial skeleton
(YPM-PU 16338) partial skeleton lacking skull, cervical series and
Comment- George Olshevsky emended this spesies to Tenontosaurus tillettorum
in 1991, as it was named after the Tillett family and species honoring
multiple individuals must have the -orum suffix.  The ICZN has proclaimed
this emendation unjustified, so the original name remains.
T. dossi Winkler, Murry and Jacobs 1997
= Tenontosaurus “dossi” Jacobs 1995
Late Aptian, Early Cretaceous
Twin Mountains Formation, Texas, US
Holotype- (FWMSH 93B1) skull, incomplete skeleton
Referred- (FWMSH 93B2) partial skull, partial skeleton
T. sp. indet.
Aptian-Albian, Early Cretaceous
Shellenberger Formation, Arizona, Wayan Formation, Idaho, Antlers Formation,
Oklahoma, Antlers Formation, Paluxy Formation, Texas, Middle Cedar Mountain
Formation, Utah, US
Comments- Tenontosaurus remains are known from several formations and
states, but these have yet to be compared in depth to the holotypes of T.
tilletti or T. dossi to determine which species, if either, they belong to.

Mickey Mortimer