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Re: Details on Jeholosaurus

First of all, I researched a bit and found out that Olshevsky's emendation from T. tilletti to T. tillettorum was declared unjustified.  See
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1997Feb/0514.html for more details.  So, it should be T. tilletti in my cladograms.  That's what I get for not working with ornithopods more....
Mike Taylor wrote-
> Do you still not have a web-site where you accumulate copies of all these staggeringly
> informative "Details on ..." posts?
As Mike Keesey and Fred Bervoets have noted, both have agreed to place my posts on their sites.  Also, as Mike noted, I have not had time to convert my previous segments to HTML format.  It's either do that, or write more (I've apparently done 37... wow).  I will try to make some time this week to get a few up there.  Also, I can correct errors before they go up on the Dinosauricon.  Fred's site is helpful in that I don't have to convert the posts myself, but some things I wrote on a few taxa (Rapetosaurus, Monkonosaurus, "Gigantspinosaurus" and Yingshanosaurus) ended up there, despite not being actual Details on... segments.  Hell, a hypothetical "Details on "Gigantspinosaurus"" would be even less informative than my "Details on "Anabisetia"" :-) .  I have also accumulated them all into a Word document, if any would like them in that format.
Tom Holtz wrote-
> While the first three are fair game, PLEASE DO NOT DO SO for "Nothronychus", as it is not
> yet formally described in the literature.  When detailed descriptions show up in mass mailings > like these, they have the potential to jeopardize the publication of the actual techincal papers if > they are not yet published!
Okay.  Agreed.  I couldn't say much about "Nothronychus" in any case, I've only seen a manual ungual and ischium.  This is one of the reasons I don't write a "Details on Labocania" (which is the most common request I get), because I hear Lamanna and Smith are redescribing it.  Citipati and Khaan would be easy, but JVP is pretty easily accessable and the taxa are obviously oviraptorids.  I try to write about taxa described in obscure journals or those I have different ideas for their relationships.  Oviraptorid interrelationships are a worthy area of study, but I have not looked into it closely.  Jaime Headden has some ideas about that.
Mickey Mortimer