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Re: To Fred Bervoets

In a message dated 8/10/01 2:43:27 PM EST, Mickey_Mortimer11@msn.com writes:

<< Doh!  Yes, that's a typo.  Regarding T. tillettorum, I researched a bit 
and found out that Olshevsky's emendation from T. tilletti to T. tillettorum 
was declared unjustified.  So, it should be T. tilletti.  That's what I get 
for not working with ornithopods more. >>

It is not "unjustified," it is >mandatory<, since the name honors more than 
one person. Tenontosaurus tillettorum is correct. Peter Dodson once tried to 
get me to desist trying to change Avaceratops lammersi to Avaceratops 
lammersorum, arguing that he had meant to honor the >one and only< Lammers 
family (so that the singular ending -i would be appropriate), but this is not 
correct. The code then and now goes by the number of persons:

31.1.2. A species-group name, if a noun in the genitive case...formed 
directly from a modern personal name, is to be formed by adding to the stem 
of that name -i if the personal name is that of a man, -orum if of men or of 
>man (men) and woman (women) together< [emphasis mine here], -ae if of a 
woman, and -arum if of women; the stem of such name is determined by the 
action of the original author when forming the genitive.

The Lammers family includes both men and women, therefore the ending is 
mandated to be -orum. Sorry Peter, and sorry whoever thought my emendation 
was unjustified. The stem of Lammers is Lammers, as used (correctly) by 
Peter; all that needs to be changed is the -i to -orum.

As I argued to Peter, had he originally spelled the epithet lammersorum, 
nobody would have tried to "correct" it to the singular genitive lammersi!

And in case anyone hadn't noticed, it's Thescelosaurus warrenae, not 
Thescelosaurus warreni, since the name honors Mrs. Warren.