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Re: Carcharodontosaurus & Spinosaurus

Josh Smith a écrit :

> However, as far as _Spinosaurus_ eating
> fish goes, all we have is some inferred behavior postulated on the basis of
> anatomy (much of that extrapolated from phylogenetically close taxa) and
> some extrapolations of behavior from other spinosaurids.  For _S.
> aegyptiacus_, that leaves us with little more right now than a hypothesis
> to test.  Is it likely that _S. aegyptiacus_ ate fish?  Absolutely.  It was
> a coastal system..it is likely that _Carcharodontosaurus_ ate fish.  We
> have something like 55 bloody fish species.  Do we know for sure that _S.
> aegyptiacus_ incorporated a lot of fish into its diet right now?
> Absolutely not.

 Is it possible that _Spinosaurus_ anatomy was also adapted to attack
crocodiles, giant turtles, and other marine reptiles like long-necked
plesiosaurs while they rested on the shore (if they actually did, that is) ?

 Just fish for diet for such a big animal seems surprising...



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