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Re: Psittacosaurid Revelations

On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 09:08:41AM +0200, GUNTER.VANACKER@ELECTRABEL.COM 
> You're correct in pointing out that it's the allosauroid Lourinhanosaurus
> that was associated with gastroliths, when I launched a query in my dinosaur
> database, the record popped up right below Dinheirosaurus (I had sauropods
> on my mind at that moment and misread it). Together with the 2 other
> theropod taxa you mention, it seems like gastroliths are now well
> represented in the theropod fossil record; from the coelophysid Syntarsus,
> megalosaur Poekilopleuron, allosauroid Lourinhanosaurus, to ornithomimosaurs
> and the advanced maniraptoran Caudipteryx (and extant Neornithes).

The whole phylogentic bracket has them; it would be very surprising if
the were *not* present.

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