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Oryctos Volume 3

The third issue of Oryctos is abailable to order, though their website ( http://www.dinosauria.org/ ) doesn't seem updated yet.  Only three of the eleven papers are dinosaurian, so I won't be ordering this one.  Just fine with me, as I have to save up for SVP :-) .  The dinosaur papers are-
Chure, 2001. Observations on the morphology and pathology of the gastral basket of Allosaurus, based on a new specimen from Dinosaur National Monument (USA).
Posmosanu and Cook, 2001. Vertebrate taphonomy and vertebrate palaeopathology from a Lower Cretaceous bauxite lens, North West Romania.
Buffetaut, 2001. Mantell, Cuvier, Buckland and the identification of Iguanodon: a correction.
Other papers are on such things as amiids, bothremydids, thoracosaurines, alcids, multituberculates, demostylans and mysticetes.
Mickey Mortimer