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RE: T-rex...

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>   Hi, everybody...
>    I´m again to bring you all a subject not too difficult, but that has been bothering me for a while...
>    The _Tyrannosaurus rex_ legs' correct position is in a "columnar"(straight, in vertical) or in a slightly curved (a bit bended,
> like in Jurassic Park movies) way?
>    Oh, and by the way, what are the _Spinosaurus_ and _Tyrannosaurus_ correct measurements, in high?
>    Thanks in advance,
T. rex legs would have been flexed at the knee, as evidenced by the shape of the joint.
We don't have any good evidence for the exact hip height of Spinosaurus, since its legs are not known.  T. rex specimens range up past the 3.8 meters at the hip height.

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