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Re: Tarbosaur/Tyrannosaur-Velocirapter/Saurantholestes ???

In a message dated 8/15/01 0:17:14 AM EST, Mickey_Mortimer11@msn.com writes 
(quoting the Tree of Life):

<< Lateral flange of maxilla obscuring cranialmost portion of maxillary
 fenestra terminates along cranial margin of antorbital fossa
 Curvature of ventral margin of maxilla even more pronounced than in other
 Dorsal surface of antorbital fossa contacts the nasal margin
 Dorsal ramus of lacrimal with inflated appearance
 Descending and dorsal rami of lacrimal meet at strongly acute angle
 Rugose postorbital boss
 Suborbital prong of postorbital
 Frontal main body rectangular, only small triangular cranial prong remains
 Supratemporal fossa occupies most of dorsal surface of frontal, fossae meet
 along midline to form frontal sagittal crest
 Nuchal crest mediolateral width more than twice height
 Palatine trapezoidal
 Two or more foramina on dorsal surface of palatine
 Metacarpal II 170% length of metacarpal I or shorter
 Distal end of manual unguals blunt >>

With all due respect, this is a >woefully< inadequate assortment of features 
on which to refer Tarbosaurus to the genus Tyrannosaurus. Mein Gott in 
Himmel! "Even more pronounced" maxillary curvature?? "Inflated appearance" of 
lacrimal (as opposed to what? "deflated appearance")?? "Blunt" manual 
unguals?? What kind of a range is 170% "or shorter"?? Look at the gross 
morphology of the two genera, fer cryin' out loud. Give me a break.