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Theropod shoulder movement

This may be a rather stupid question, but after the brillant explanation
of semi-lunate carpals in maniraptorans I wondered how the did move their

AFAIK, in most mammals, movement in the shoulder is rather restricted to
the humerus moving in a plane which is more or less parallel to the median
plane of the animal (I hope I use all these to me rather unfamilar terms
correctly), i.e. forward and backwards, but not up and down sideways. Only
in some primates (like humans) is this different. Is this

And if so,  I wonder: Was this the same for theropods. Could they move
their arms to the sides? And if not, could someone explain to me how birds
move their wings in the shoulders? Because I cannot imagine how this could
be done if the arms can only move forward and backwards (and not up and down)? 

Thanks a lot in advance,


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