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RE: Theropod shoulder movement

Getting back to the how did their hands move question, there is still
something I'm unclear on. If we run your manriaptoran role-play back to
the start we should have our hands out in front withe palms facing in
towards each other. Could a maniraptoran, or indeed any theropod, rotate
the whole hand (semilunate included) so that the palm faces the floor? 
Presumably this would be acheived by moving the position of the radius
relative to that of the ulna. Playing around with prosauropod forearms
suggests to me that these guys could do that (as does the orientation of
manus prints in trackways) but could theropods? Modern birds don't seem
to able (observation based on a chicken wing that I had for lunch!). So
when did this motion become impossible? Can we tell from bones alone?
Sorry if this has already been discussed.


Adam Yates