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At 12:32 PM 15/08/01 -0400, Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
>    There is a nice one by Maurice Wilson at:
>        http://www.whom.co.uk/squelch/bbprehis.htm

No offense to Mr Wilson who was a great palaeoartist, but his restoration
surely is inaccurate based on recent findings (eg the number of
digits).  See
For a more recent illustration you could try
http://gallery.in-tch.com/~earthhistory/devonian%20page.html, but the
animal is almost invisible in Douglas Henderson's landscape!  See also
for contrasting restorations.

No offense to your response, but do you have any idea how OLD these
illustrations are? They were done long, long before the new findings. So you
can't fault the artist for doing the paintings the way they were. What we
need to look at is this style, which I and I know Dan likes.

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