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RE: Tarbosaur/Tyrannosaur-Velocirapter/Saurantholestes ???

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>> Tracy L. Ford
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>> Did you, no offense, go over and study Tarbosaurus?
>Actually, I waited for it to come a little closer (see below).
>> I know you did at the
>> Dinofest in Arizona, which was a very limited time. Are there Tarbosaur
>> specimens in the USA that we need to know about that can be studied.
>Well, there were. I was able to climb all over the type skull of T. bataar
>and the type skeleton of T. efremovi (and a few other pieces) while they
>were in Trenton:

The same is true for me, though the locale was St. Louis rather than
Trenton.  I spent many an hour getting a good, hard look at that material -
cranial and postcranial.  I even had a ladder available so I could stare
down the pneumatopores on the mounted cervical centra, and was able to
crawl under one of the skulls to look at the medial surface of the maxilla
- a serious source of similarities between Tarbosaurus, Daspletosaurus, and
Tyrannosaurus to the exclusion of other tyrannosaurids (at least those
where the maxilla is known).  As I've said before, I generally avoid
talking about taxa if I haven't seen any of the material, whether it's from
a crocodylian or a lesser form of life (such as a tyrannosaurid).


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