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Re: Songzia

At 19:42 10-08-2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Out of curiosity, what is Songzia exactly?
>Mickey Mortimer

Songzia heidangkouensis Hou, 1990. was described from an incomplete
skeleton. It's a bird close to the Rallidae, but Hou erected a new family
for it and called that family Songzidae. In the SAPE newsletter for 1989 is
called Songziidae. I do not think mentioning a new species in a newsletter
for some members of a society counts for a publication, so I think Songzia
heidangkouensis Hou, 1989. and Songzzidae Hou 1989. are in fact nomina nuda,
although some description is given.

LianHai Hou, 1990
An Eocene Bird from Songzi, Hubei Province 
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 28: 34-42

You can find the Newsletter, and a lot of other information on 
under "News"

Hope it helps,

Fred Ruhe