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Re: Current thinking of Iliosuchus

Tracy Ford wrote-

So whats the current thinking of Iliosuchus? Is it a megalosaurid, something akin to Stokesaurus or indeterminate theropoda?
Whatever it is, it's not indeterminate.  There is a distinctive dorsal bulge above the acetabulum, as mentioned by Rauhut (2000).  It's either a neoceratosaur or a tetanurine based on the anteroposteriorly elongate pubic peduncle in ventral view.  I don't see any reason to refer it to the Megalosauridae.  Only tyrannosauroids are known to have such prominent vertical ilial ridges, but no unique characters are shared with Stokesosaurus, as far as I know.  I wouldn't feel certain about a more exact placement than Neotheropoda incertae sedis at this time.
Mickey Mortimer