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Re: FW: [DebunkCreation] FORWARD: Re: From Wgbh Educational Foundatio n

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 15:34:25  
 Danvarner wrote:
>In a message dated 8/15/01 11:55:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>dino.hunter@home.com writes:
><< No offense to your response, but do you have any idea how OLD these
>illustrations are? They were done long, long before the new findings. So you
>can't fault the artist for doing the paintings the way they were. What we
>need to look at is this style, which I and I know Dan likes.>>
>       It was a beautiful drawing, but the price was right, too. Dr. Clack's 
>Tree of Life article is very interesting. I knew about about Acanthostega, 
>but confess to ignorance of the new Ichthyostega material. However, since the 
>first three(?) digits of the Ichthyostega pes seem to form a single 
>functional unit, I've a sneaking suspicion that one would need an x-ray 
>device to determine the actual number of digits in a living specimen. 
>Wonderful animals.
>       An important point I'd also like to make to all the paleolife artists 
>here is the importance of doing a variety of animals. There are only so many 
>tyrannosaurs and "Raptors" needed for publication--believe it or not. A nice 
>portfolio of a variety of these "bit players" like Ichthyostega can come in 
>handy. DV   PS Doug Henderson has apparently wanted to do a Devonian book for 
>a long time but has found little interest from publishers. Can you just 
>imagine what he could do with all this swampy stuff and those early coal 
>forests not to mention Dunkleosteus?! DV

Devonian???  I've been waiting my whole life for a lavishly illustrated book on 
the Pennsylvanian.  Imagine Seymouria, Aonerpeton, Diplovertebron...  Not to 
mention all of those really cool large "bugs" wandering around the Mazon Creek 
area, like Arthropleura.  Oh, and imagine the setting as a lush coal forest 
near the equator (Illinois, of course).  If Henderson can get a publisher, I 
would be more than happy to write it for free...


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