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Re: Velociraptor v. Protoceratops?

      Larry Febo wrote:

      "Possible scenario: Velociraptor attacked head on by charging
protoceratops defending itself (I doubt a velociraptor would have attacked
the head region of protoceratops).  Momentum of protoceratops carries both
into side of dune, precipitating dune slump.  Both buried in sand, compacted
sand locking protoceratops jaws shut, struggling velociraptor unable to break
free, both die in this 'death pose'."

      But what happened to the protoceratops's arms?

            (If I have missed something, or if someone has already
asked/covered this, sorry! I wasn't able to read my email for about a week
and the answer/explanation may have been erased.)

      -Carrie "Rex" Carlson