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Question: What would fossilized feathers be expected to look like?

[I've posted this once before, but I don't think it got through, so here's my second try -- my apologies if it turns up twice.]

I've read the Nature articles on Sinornithosaurus millenii [1] and the new dromaeosaurid [2] informally named "Dave", and I would like to make make my own judgement about whether their putative (proto)feathers are indeed (proto)feathers. I am not a paleontologist, however, and don't know what _fossilized_ feathers would be expected to look like and how this look would be expected to differ from, say, fossilized fur, etc. Where can I learn about such things? References to non-obscure (to non-paleontologists) journals, books and web pages would be greatly appreciated, as well as direct self-contained answers.


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