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    If anyone out there who could provide me a link to one or more web sites
showing skeletal structure of the feet of Cretaceous amphibians it would be
extremely appreciated.  I tried a google.com search but did not find what I

    This is dinosaur related, because I am trying to interpret a 52 mm long
amphibian track I found recently that is on a slab (used loosely) beside the
most wonderful sauropod manus track (260 mm across, including a bit of mud
splash) I have ever seen anywhere, that, in turn, has a great little (50 mm
long) right pes print of a narrow footed theropod beside it! This is the
first amphibian track I have ever noticed among the hundreds of Early
Cretaceous dinosaur, fifteen pterosaur, several croc, and a few possibly
mammal tracks found since August 1994.

    Any good link to Cretaceous amphibians (preferably showing bones of
feet) might help me interpret the seemingly- amphibian track, of which I
have no experience whatsoever.

    Any help is appreciated, but please don't ask for a photo (jpeg) of this
item because I just gave my digital camera to my daughter (in Texas) to take
photos of my grand-daughter, my film camera needs to go in for repair (will
not click), and a 165-pound (reasonably accurate guess of weight) slab is
too large and too heavy for my scanner window.  :(

    Now I will let you wonder at how I got this amazing thing home and into
our living room track museum.  ...And you think YOU have a tolerant and
understanding wife?!  :)

    Ray Stanford

"You know my method.  It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery