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RE: The Eternal Question: Lips or Skin?

From: "Tracy L. Ford" <dino.hunter@home.com>

The ?lipless? croc?s can and do, seal off their mouths. When they
are lying out in the sun they can and do (at times) keep their mouths >closed and keep the moisture in the mouth.

Really? I can't say I've seen that too often, as I'm used to seeing crocs with their mouths gaping wide open in the sun (so as to lose excess heat, as I understand it). But out of curiosity, is this air-tight surture due to the fact that crocs (or at least alligators, that I'm aware of) can close their mouths so that the dentary teeth can fit within the holes along the edge of the upper palate? If so, could theropods have done the same? I think I remember reading something along the lines of this very notion late last month, but I'd be hard pressed in knowing exactly where to find it.

-Jordan Mallon


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