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Re: My opinion on dinosaur lips

> Elephants have a lifetime of
> exposure for their tusks--theropods had to wait only until the next tooth
> comes in.

True. :-| Forgot that.

BTW, I've now also read

Chris Lavers: Why Elephants Have Big Ears. Nature's engines and the order of
life, Victor Gollancz/Orion Books 2000

There's an interesting footnote at the beginning of chapter 2, just after it
gives an elephant a weight of 5 tonnes (I'm retranslating): "Because
elephants, white rhinos and hippos have large weight ranges these numbers
must be understood as approximate. African steppe elephants normally weigh 4
to 7 tonnes, but big males can [...] reach up to 13 tonnes. African forest
elephants, pygmy elephants (which belong to the forest elephants [some
disagree]) and Indian elephants are smaller, but their biggest males can
still reach above 8 tonnes. The highest weight for a white rhino lies at 3.6
tonnes. Really big hippo males ran reach up to 4 tonnes." This means that I
was wrong to doubt the existence of 10-tonne elephants, and that the weight
ranges of dinos may have been similar. Maybe there were 30-tonne
*Apatosaurus* after all.