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Re: I'm back...

David Marjanovic wrote-

> I see. So unless it comes out as an arctometatarsalian synapomorphy,
> reversed in troodontids, in a parsimony analysis, I apparently can't use

Well, you'd have to show it was present in ornithomimosaurs first.
Garudimimus definitely lacks it, as can be seen from good photos.

> Chatterjee supports it in his *Protoavis* paper, I'll write about that
> sometime.

Yeah, but ornithomimosaurs, troodontids, oviraptorosaurs, segnosaurs, etc.
aren't included in that analysis, nor are any characters not relating to
bird origins, so I don't trust it much.  But what to name such a clade?
Alvarezsauria or Avimimiformes?  Both were named in 1991....

> Evidence... phew :-] I have read this somewhere in The Complete Dinosaur,
> which I loaned several years ago from a library and never saw again.

Well, I have that book, so if you know the approximate section it was in,
I'll check.  Certainly not the small ornithomimosaur section.  I just find
such a discovery unlikely due to the short description and lack of
illustration for Pelecanimimus teeth.  Perhaps somebody who's seen
Pelecanimimus could tell, but besides that.....

Mickey Mortimer