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Re: I'm back...

> David Marjanovic wrote-
> > I see. So unless it comes out as an arctometatarsalian synapomorphy,
> > reversed in troodontids, in a parsimony analysis, I apparently can't use
> it.
> Well, you'd have to show it was present in ornithomimosaurs first.
> Garudimimus definitely lacks it, as can be seen from good photos.

But the nasals form a peculiar small horn above the lacrimals. Couldn't this
be derived from a crest?

> > Evidence... phew :-] I have read this somewhere in The Complete
> > which I loaned several years ago from a library and never saw again.
> Well, I have that book, so if you know the approximate section it was in,
> I'll check.  Certainly not the small ornithomimosaur section.

Something about findings from Utah... not a taxonomic section. I don't know

> I just find
> such a discovery unlikely due to the short description and lack of
> illustration for Pelecanimimus teeth.  Perhaps somebody who's seen
> Pelecanimimus could tell, but besides that.....

Well, there's still the Kimmeridgian finger...

BTW, when writing about JP3 I forgot to add that calling the JP raptors
"Thaumatoraptor nublarensis" is a bit misleading, since they also occur on
Isla Sorna... "Thaumatoraptor granti" might be better, alluding to the fact
that Dr. Grant e. g. always correctly guesses their behavio(u)r in advance.

Anyway, the best Linnean binomial ever is still *Nessiteras rhombopteryx*
which someone gave to Nessie -- an anagram for "monster hoax by Sir Peter
S.". B-)