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Khaan pelvic girdle

I've seen, finally, the paper on Citipati and Khaan, and my attention was
captured by the pelvic region of the holotype (IGM 100/1127) and one
referred skeleton (IGM 100/1002) of the last animal. Unfortunately in the
text there is no mention to this, but from the figures its clear that the
pubis is slightly retroverted and the ischium is parallel to the tail.
Initially I thought that probably this disposition of the bones was caused
by a breakage, but apart the good state of the fossils, the disposition is
identical in both the specimen. It was a coincidence or its possible the
presence of a degree of opisthopubicity in Khaan? And someone know the
disposition of the three pelvic bones in the third specimen assigned to
Khaan (IGM/973), not raffigured?

Thanks (and, as usually, excuse for my bad english)

Marco Auditore
"Volunteer of Paleontological Group of Monfalcone"
Via S.Giovanni Battista, 7/23
16154 Genova Sestri Ponente - Italy
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e-mail: maaudito@tin.it