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When the dino list roamed North America

In keeping with vacation season, I just got back from Arizona (Phoenix, 
Prescott and Flagstaff), where I was able to integrate visiting friends and 
family with dinosaur sightings.  I toured the Museum of Northern Arizona in 
Flagstaff, and Dave Gillette graciously showed me around the preparation lab. 
  The fossilized skin impressions from the (possible) _Parasaurolophus_ found 
in Utah are on display until September 3, and I took a close look at those 
diamond-shaped (and unfeathered) markings.

Dave also showed me the therizinosaur that was recently discovered in Utah 
(see Tracy Ford's post on this at: 
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2001Jun/msg00646.html ).  The 
preparation is continuing on this find, along with the _Coelophysis_ bonebed 
section from Ghost Ranch, _Allosaurus_ material, a phytosaur, and many other 
wondrous finds which will be prepped and published as time and money permit.  

Hanging on the wall in Dave's office is Ned Colbert's "chair," which is a 
wooden chair somewhat held together by duct tape.  Dr. Colbert stops by the 
museum from time to time.

The museum is beautifully set in the pines and has galleries of Native 
American artifacts, an anthropology section, a paleontology section, 
breathtaking Native American crafts in the gift shops, and many temporary and 
permanent exhibits.  The geology unit, where the study and preparation of the 
specimens takes place, is across the street from the main museum and is not 
generally open to the public.