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Re: Revised Ornithischian Classification

Ken Kinman wrote-

>     The question is whether this Australian clade split off before or
> Tenontosaurus.  Mickey Mortimer's analysis places Mattaburrasaurus between
> Tenontosaurus and dryomorphs.  But I'm open to suggestions.

While I appreciate you using my phylogenetic analysis of ornithischians as
the basis of your phylogeny, I don't feel it is appropriate to do so.  This
was my first attempt at ornithischian phylogeny and there are undoubtedly
characters I didn't include (especially within the Iguanodontia, as that was
not crucial to the analysis and was coming out well anyway).  If I had the
proper references to many taxa, I'm sure I could have coded them better,
which would probably affect the results.

Mickey Mortimer