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Re: "Nyasasaurus"

In a message dated 8/19/01 9:41:08 PM EST, thescelosaurus@juno.com writes:

<< Has there ever been anything said or published about "Nyasasaurus" (or
 "Nyasaurus"), a name that keeps popping up in 1980s semi-technical
 dinosaur books as a possible very early "anchisaurid" from Tanzania,
 besides these sketchy notes?-*Thescelosaurus* >>

Nyasasaurus is some kind of "thecodontian" described as a primitive dinosaur 
in Alan Charig's doctoral dissertation around 1956. The description was never 
formally published; Charig evidently never got around to it. Take a look at 
White 1973's list of dinosaur genera (where the name is misspelled 
Nyasaurus). I think you'll find it there. There are a few other arhcosaur 
nomina nuda in Charig's dissertation: Teleocrater, Hypselorhachis, 
Pallisteria, and Mandasuchus (which was finally described in part 13 of the 
German Handbuch der Palaeoherpetologie). I think Huene got hold of the 
dissertation and used some of these names in his Palaeontologie und 
Phylogenie der niederen Tetrapoden in 1956 (have to check this).