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RE: Rapetosaurus's head

Tracy L. Ford (dino.hunter@home.com) wrote:

<You know is always gets me, they talk about a better version and
then not show it. Why show the bad one when the good one would help
so much. I looked at the skull of Nemegtosaurus (the photo of the
skull, not a drawing) in D. Glut's book and I really can't tell
what's going on there. It's broken and not a good angle. Now looking
at my drawing from D. L. and D. G.'s Dinosaur Society Dinosaur
Dictionary, skull doesn't look anything like the skull of
Rapetosaurus. The 'hole' is extremely far back in Nemegtosaurus, much
further than Rapetosaurus.>

  Using Nowinski, I see that the maxilla (both of 'em) have the
concavity of the post-dental region of the ventral margin. This is
present in the photos available from there, even though the maxilla
is broken up and eroded. The maxilla preserves a fair continuity of
the ventral margin on both sides, from the teeth to the jugal....
This margin is similar, though less concave, than in *Rapetosaurus*.

  As for the antorbital fenestra, that in *Nemegtosaurus* falls
withing the range of preorbital snout-length to fenestra length in
the same plane (mid-level of lachrymal to tip of ventral dentigerous
margin of snout) as Diplodocidae (measured in *Diplodocus* and
*Apatosaurus*). Nothing has a large a fenestra as *Rapetosaurus*! I
would never use the figures in Dinosauria (bad!), but I do use the
plates in Nowinski (1977).

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