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Re: Revised Ornithischian Classification

Mike Keesey (tmk@dinosauricon.com) wrote:

<Has "Rhabdomorpha" been officially proposed anywhere? Seems like an odd name 
... why not
Rhabdodontomorpha, or, better yet, Rhabdodontia or Rhabdodontidae? (Or is there 

  Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca in 2001 uses it in quotes, but purportedly it is 
Pincemaille, 1999,
that names the taxon ... it is used to support a grouping of *Tenontosaurus,* 
and *Rhabdodon*.

  Ruiz-Omeñaca, J.I. 2001. Dinosaurios hipsilofodóntidos (Ornithischia: 
Ornithopoda) en la
Península Ibérica. p. 175-266 in Colectivo Arqueológico-Paleontológico de 
Salas, C.A.S.
(ed.)_Actas de las I Jornadas Internacionales Sobre Paleontología de 
Dinosaurios y su Entorno,
1999_ (Salas de los Infantes [Burgos, España]). [in Spanish (Castillan)]

  Pincemaille, M. 1997. Un ornithopode du Crétacé Supérieur de Vitrolles 
(Bouches du Rhône),
Rhabdodon priscus. 44pp. _Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies, Université Montpellier 
II_ (edited). [in

  Pincemaille, M. 1999. Discovery of a skeleton of *Rhabdodon priscus* 
(Ornithopoda, Dinosauria)
in the Upper Cretaceous of Vitrolles (Bouches du Rhône). _IV European Workshop 
on Vertebrate
Paleontology_ (Albarracín): pg. 76. [further citation is not provided].

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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