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Psittacosaurid hair!

Well folks, ornithischian "hair" seems to be a
reality. HP Michael Schmidt was kind enough to send me
several nice photos of the integuments on a
Psittacosaurus (?sp). The first word that came to mind
was "porcupine." Whether or not the structures
actually represent quill-like objects, they do seem to
be thicker than I would imagine. I'm reluctant to
presume all ornithodirans, or ornithischians, have
this feature. I'm curious as to why this animal
evolved the "hair" only on the dorsal surface of the
tail, the rest of the body seemingly bare. Hopefully
someone that has viewed other non-avian integumentary
structures could comment on this specimen....


Waylon Rowley 

"A _Psittacosaurus_ with hair?"

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