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Re: Revised Ornithischian Classification

The following classification is a work-in-progress (subject to further revision). I am a classificationist, not a professional paleontologist, and it is certainly not directly based on a study of actual specimens. It is an eclectic mix of various cladograms, classifications, opinions, interpretations, and my own personal viewpoint of how these taxa are interrelated based on my assessment of the information I presently have available.
Note that I have again shifted a few of the plesia around to reflect some of the recent feedback (Jaime's posts were particularly helpful). However, I am solely responsible for the particular topology that is expressed below. The buck stops here. My continued coding of Thyreophora as paraphyletic, rather than holophyletic, is certainly a minority opinion.
The placement of Notohypsilophodon is very tentative (in Hypsil. clade 3, i.e., as a possible rhabdomorph). And I may move Echinodon closer to Scutellosauridae if I can be convinced that the scutes actually belonged to Echinodon.
Ken Kinman

   1  Pisanosauridae
   2  Lesothosauridae
   3  Scutellosauridae
   B  Ankylosauridae (incl. Scelidosaurus)
   4  Plesion _Emausaurus_
   B  Stegosauridae
   5  Plesion _Echinodon_
   6  Plesion _Jeholosaurus_
   7  Thescelosauridae
   8  Plesion _Agilisaurus_
  9A  Heterodontosauridae
   B  Stenopelicidae
   C  Pachycephalosauridae
   D  Chaoyangsauridae
   E  Psittacosauridae
   F  Protoceratopsidae
  _a_ Ceratopsidae
  10  Plesion _Bugenasaura_
  11  Hypsilophodontidae
           1  Plesion "Y." multidens
           B  Othnielia (incl. Drinker?)
           C  Zephyrosaurus
           D  Orodromeus
           ?  Laeallynasaura
           2  Hypsilophodon
           ?  Yandusaurus
           3  Rhabdodon
           B  Tenontosaurus
           ?  Muttaburrasaurus
           ?  Notohypsilophodon
           4  Parksosaurus
           5  Gasparinisaura
           6  {{Dryosauridae to
              Hadrosauridae}} (dryomorphs)
 _1_  Dryosauridae
  2   Camptosauridae
  3   Iguanodontidae
 _a_  Hadrosauridae

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