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Re: Revised Ornithischian Classification

Ken Kinman wrote-

>     The placement of Notohypsilophodon is very tentative (in Hypsil. clade
> 3, i.e., as a possible rhabdomorph).  And I may move Echinodon closer to
> Scutellosauridae if I can be convinced that the scutes actually belonged
> Echinodon.

Why would you place Notohypsilophodon in the Rhabdomorpha?  It's really
fragmentary, but the shallow anterior intercondylar groove of the distal
femur is more primitive than iguanodonts.  The dermal ossicles previously
referred to Echinodon have been shown to be most probably helodermatid
(Barrett and Clarke, 2000, see

Mickey Mortimer