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Re: rampant speculation

lots of undescribed stuff (North Horn, Kaiparowits, Wahweap, Straight Cliff, etc. Formations)<
Understandably, undescribed is undescribed, but to my knowledge, there are no small dinosaurs at all from the North Horn. About the only thing small to get preserved (frustratingly enough) are large lizards (complete and sometimes articulated!!!). There's tyrannosaurs, hadrosaurs, ceratopsids, and teeth from some coelurosaur, along with a dromeosaur ungual, and that's really about it (in terms of dinosaurs). The depositional environment over most of the NH, as far as its known, doesn't seem to be too condusive to preservation of small animals (except in localized conditions). So, I'm not holding my breath for anything small from the North Horn...

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