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Re: rampant speculation

The information comes from Kirkland et al. (1998), who list Hypsilophodontidae indet. in a faunal list of the North Horn Formation. They state "screenwashing microvertebrate sites has increased faunal diversity" and reference Cifelli et al. (in press). Listed taxa are-Troodontidae, Tyrannosaurus, Alamosaurus, Ankylosauridae?, Hypsilophodontidae, Hadrosauridae, Pachycephalosauria and Torosaurus.<
Doh! I forgot Akylosauridae and _Alamosaurus_! My copy of this volume is burried at the moment, since I am in transit to school from home. What are they basing the Pachycephalosauria on? I haven't heard of any skull frags from there (which vastly puzzled me this summer, actually). I guess I'll have to read the paper (again, apparently my mind is failing...) when I get back down to school to see what the deal is...

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