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Can somebody help me :-) ?

About a week ago I have sended this message. I am very interested on an
explaination. Can somebody help me ?
Thank you and have a good day,


Markus Pfeiffer

Hello everybody and good morning from Germany !
This is the first time I visit this list and please excuse that my English
is not so good ! I am very interested in ornithischian dinosaurs and will
write together some aspects, which I find very interesting ! I have some
questions, which I can not answer from my literature. One of my questions
is, why is
the main part of the lower jaw in most ornithopod dinosaurs rectangular
you look at it from the side ? Another question is, why do some ornithopod
dinosaurs have these keels on their teeth (I think they call it a
cingulum) and
why do other dinosaurs (predators) do have this not ??? Please excuse
my bad english, but I am just an amateur and try to get some more
knowledge in
this field.
Have a good day everybody,

Markus Pfeiffer

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