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RE: rampant speculation

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David Marjanovic wrote-

> No problem for interpreting them as omnivorous, and the hands look suited
> precision grasping with the long, opposable thumb, don't they?

Ornithomimids' thumbs were not opposable.  They had a very limited flexing
motion, certainly not enough to grasp something.  Of course I think such a
hand would not limit omnivory, as ratites do fine without grasping hands.

Mickey Mortimer
Well, according to the following paper, some ornithimimds did have some
Perez-Moreno, B. P., and Sanz J. L., 1995, The hand of Pelecanimimus
polyodon, a preliminary report: In: II International Symposium on
Lithographic Limestones, Lleida-Cuenca (Spain), 9th - 16th July, 1995,
Extended Abstracts, p. 115-117.

The primitive condition did have some opposability, Archaeornithomimus,
Gallimimus and Struthiomimus, while Anserimimus, Ornithimimus and
Pelecanimimus didn't have that ability.

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