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Re: Psittacosaurid hair!

HP Jean-Michel Benoît wrote:

> Do you suggest that it could a synapomorphy in basal dinosaurs?

It would be really interesting if such stuff ever turned out to be
synapomorphic for Ornithodira (in its original definition and now assumed
contents) -- then pterosaur hair would be homologous to feathers, and crocs
would have lost it secondarily. I'm just trying to imagine a fuzzy
*Prolacerta* :-S ... and I'm waiting for confirmation of the hairs on
alligator throats...

anyway: http://www.palass.org/images/new_wing.jpg -- someone should have
found this while discussing the *Struthiomimus*-*Nyctosaurus* bronze statue
B-) .
I can't find out how to order Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight there, however,
and neither amazon.de nor amazon.co.uk have it. Can someone help me?