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psittacosaur integument: question, not answers; and Synapsids Came First?

Having finally seen photos of the Psittacosaurus with the... structures
(something very cool to start off Monday morning), I have to say that they
are very, very interesting.  However, rather than lead to early public
speculations, I have a question:

In Luis Rey's book _Extreme Dinosaurs_ (finally got my copy!), it is said
that this specimen is currently under study.  If anyone knows, could you
send me OFFLIST the name of the scientist(s) doing the study?  Thanks.

P.S. An interesting aspect of Luis' book is an illustration of the
(unintentional) synapsid origin of birds...  That is, the BCF illustration
(am I correct that this was from DinoGeorge's Omni article??) has a
progression from Mesenosaurus through protodinosaurs to Archaeopteryx.
Unfortunately, Mesenosaurus (see photo and illustration here:
http://www.sec.state.la.us/MUSEUMS/SHREVE/DINO-6-99/catalog/1.htm) is a
varanopseid pelycosaur-grade synapsid (as originally recognized by Efremov
when he named it and demonstrated recently by Reisz and Berman (Annals of
Carnegie Mus. 70: 113?132)), and not an archosaur as thought by Ivakhnenko &
Kurzanov in the 1970s.  Of course, that particular critter wasn't critical
to the BCF hypothesis.

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